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Bronwen Pattison is an expressive and talented artist  working  with Circus and Physical Theatre. Her main disciplines are Aerial Hoop and Contortion but she can also perform with Aerial Silks, Trapeze, Strap Loops, and any other imaginable non-conventional prop. A naturally gifted performer with a strong background in Theatre and Improvisation, she also works devising original projects, intertwining her skills in acting, singing, physical theatre and working with character and comedy.


Bronwen grew up in New Zealand where she discovered a passion for performing at a young age - appearing regularly in musicals, theatre productions and attending Youth Drama programmes alongside her schooling.


Always artistic and a passionate storyteller,  she originally studied Costume and Performance Design and worked creating sets, costumes and props for the stage and screen. Through her ongoing work devising and performing Theatre, often in very comedic and physical roles, Bronwen discovered her extreme flexibility and was prompted to develop skills in Aerial Acrobatics and Contortion. She excelled quickly and found that Circus was a perfect platform to combine her physical attributes and passion for live performance. 

In 2013 she moved to Berlin, Germany where she studied Contemporary Circus and established herself as a professional performing artist working throughout  the World in Theatres, Operas, Galas, Varieties, Cruise Ships and Festivals. She constantly works to develop and evolve her skills in the areas of Aerial Acrobatics, Contortion, Contemporary dance, Physical Theatre, Butoh, Improvisation and Acting. 

Bronwen is a unique and engaging artist with original movement qualities and a powerful ability to weave emotion, character and storytelling into her work. 

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